Architectural Programming & Design   We use a participatory group creative problem solving process which engages the users for all of our programming and designs. This process is used on whatever building type is being designed from cultural and entertainment to sports and health facilities to educational, religious and commercial and housing.  JSFA was incorporated in 1977.  We have won many design awards including 42 American Institute of Architects Design Excellence awards.  Our work has been published regionally, nationally and internationally.
Theatre Architecture Design   We specialize in the programming and design of new, renovated, restored and adaptive re-use theatres, performing arts centers, music halls, cultural facilities and entertainment facilities, both public and private.  We have designed more performance venues than any other architect in the nation; 279 in 172 building projects, of those projects 110 have been new construction, 62 renovations and have ranged in size from 100 to 8,000 seats.
Theatre Consulting   We perform the theatre consulting services for all the projects in which JSFA is the Architect of Record or is the Joint Venture or Associated Architect.  The firm’s in-house theatre consulting expertise and services encompass audience chambers, stages and support spaces, seating arrangements and sightlines, acoustics, theatrical lighting control and distribution, rigging and stage draperies, acoustical draperies, variable platforms, stage lifts and machinery.  We have been applauded for our innovative, state-of-the-art theatre systems designs.
Acoustical Consulting   Our acoustical services include perfecting the room acoustics and reverberation time, often adjustable for drama, music, musicals, dance and all other performance modes.  Computer simulations are generated to optimize reflections and to prevent acoustical anomalies.  The acoustical design for these spaces has been acclaimed with such adjectives from the music directors as “Amazing”, “Incomparable”, “Excellent”, etc. for small, midsize and large venues.  Achieving the performance noise criteria for each space is also critical and is also achieved by computer simulation.
Planning / Urban Design   We have a wide range of planning/urban design experience for art complexes, educational campuses, mixed-use housing and commercial complexes, traffic and transportation linkages and patterns.  This includes the master plan for 4 college/university campuses, 5 mixed use housing/retail/commercial venues and also includes entertainment complexes with theme parks.
Interior Design   The same participatory group problem-solving principles that are employed in architectural programming and design are utilized in the interior design process.  The interior design is totally integrated with the exterior of the building as we design both from the inside out and from the outside in; creating inviting, uplifting, inspiring spaces with psychological considerations of color, texture, materials and their impact on durability, maintenance and safety.